Company Profile

Omega Research Ltd is a small, independent, Electronic Design Consultancy, incorporated in 1990, and based in the charming Cathedral city of Ely, Cambridgeshire, UK.

Heading the team is Chief Consultant, Alan Morrison, a 1st Class Honours graduate, with some 25 years engineering experience in the electronics industry.

The Company offers a complete turnkey design solution providing services such as project specification, component selection, circuit design, PCB layout, materials procurement, prototype build and test, and documentation. Where applicable, the preparation of embedded software is also undertaken.

Engineering expertise has been gained working on projects for major multinationals such as Fujitsu, Marconi, Northern Telecom, Philips, Racal and Sony, as well as many smaller organisations. Fields as diverse as digital television, entertainment, games, industrial instrumentation, medical, telecommunications, automotive, avionics, marine and security have all been covered.

A network of links with organisations offering the related disciplines of industrial design, system integration, and production capabilities, makes Omega Research Ltd a strong contender for almost any new project.

In a spin-off activity, resulting from the core activities identifying a market need, a range of SMD prototyping adapters is also available.

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