PCB Layout Services

Here at Omega Research Ltd, we believe that the PCB layout is almost as important as the actual circuit diagram, especially in these days of high speed systems and tight EMC controls.

We recognise the inherent weakness in the design process where functionally critical aspects known to the design engineer may not be satisfactorily communicated to the PCB designer, resulting in a product with a reduced performance.

To address this, PCB layout at Omega Research is carried out by electronic design engineers, usually the by the engineer who designed the circuit in the first place. Furthermore, as a general rule, we prefer not to use auto-routers, except where the characteristics of a particular project makes this beneficial.

Similarly, if we have not designed the original circuit, we try to insist on seeing the schematic diagram in addition to using the netlist, and generally won't waste your time asking for datasheets for components, which are readily available via the Internet.

If this strikes a chord and you would like to know more, simply get in touch. Initial discussions are entirely free of cost and obligation.

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